6 Secrets For Recruiting And Retaining Young Insurance Agents

Have you noticed the old dogs in your agency don’t bark like they used to? Are you facing a perpetuation crisis? Or do you see the direction sales and marketing in our industry is headed and have no clue how to reach younger consumers?   Agency owners across the country are facing these challenges, and many…

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The Tools I’m Using To Hire Young Insurance Agents

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I’ve been able to hire young insurance agents at a time when other agency owners are struggling to do the same. As an industry, independent insurance agents are reaching a critical mass.   We’re top heavy with retirement-age owners, many of whom have no apparent…

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3 Effective Recruiting Strategies You Can Automate

Don’t you just hate getting unsolicited resumes from qualified candidates in your inbox every week? Yeah…I didn’t think so. A couple of years ago, I had no effective recruiting strategies for my company. The only plan I had was to react quickly when I lost an employee.   I’d pay some overpriced fee that got…

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