Free Recruiting Email Template

Free Email Template

Here’s the email template I mentioned that landed me a resume in my inbox and a scheduled interview in under 20 minutes.


I know it’s pretty simple, but it’s effective.


Just customize this for your particular situation. And then send it to as many carrier and broker contacts you know for the position you’re trying to fill. Enjoy!


Copy/Paste This Into A New Email:


SUBJECT: Know any strong PL agents for this position?

Do you know any strong Personal Lines agents in the Duluth/Sugarloaf area who aren’t happy where they’re working?

[So-and-so] is retiring in November, so we want to bring someone on now who can become familiar with her book of business and be able to write new business as well.

If you know someone, please pass this link along for them to apply: PL Agent Job Descriptions (includes SSI recruiting video)



That’s it. Short and simple, but highly effective.


If you get some good responses, let me know in the comments below.